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Imagine having wings but being too scared to take that first leap of faith.

Imagine having wings but being too scared to take that first leap of faith.

Don’t let your own wings go to waste, you too deserve to take flight and soar.

Recently I spotted a fledgling pigeon in our neighbour’s garden. As it sat amongst the tall grass it appeared really vulnerable, the proverbial sitting duck. As it’s adult feathers had not yet fully formed it looked a little dishevelled also. I noticed it’s parent would return to feed it and would often sit on another neighbour’s chimney to watch out for it from afar. I found myself concerned for it’s survival so I’d go check on it every so often and a few times had to shoo away the other neighbour’s cat. I worried about it’s safety as day turned into night as this is when most predators are on the prowl.

When I woke up the next morning I ventured out into the garden still in my pyjamas and felt relief when I discovered it was still ok.

Later that day I saw it perched on the neighbour’s fence and felt a slight reassurance that it’s wings and flight feathers were obviously strong enough to enable it to fly albeit only a short distance. It’s parent had come down to sit alongside it and after a while flew off high up into the tree.

Much to my amazement I then witnessed it psyche and muster itself up to launch itself in the direction of a nearby ground floor level roof. It paced back and forth before finally committing to the leap of faith. I held my breath in anticipation and felt joy when it reached the apex. It’s landing wasn’t the most graceful but it made it and I couldn’t have been more delighted. I haven’t children of my own but I imagined that’s how a parent must feel when they witness their little ones doing something brave and courageous for the first time.

The houses next to me are a terrace and I stood for about half an hour simply watching this little bird fly from one roof to the next. Each time it would grow in confidence and the landing improving each time.

I even found myself saying a little prayer, asking God and the angels to assist and keep it safe. It then flew from the fourth roof down into that house’s garden. I felt proud of it’s achievement and had faith that there was a strong chance it would survive as it was learning to use it’s wings.

As I stood there watching and captivated I found myself thinking about what lessons this little fledgling could teach us.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that as soon as a bird is ready to leave the nest that it takes it’s maiden journey and then that’s it, off it goes to fly free forever, fully independent of it’s parents but this simply isn’t the case for many birds. They have to build up strength, take that leap of faith, learn how to fly and then have faith in their wings and manovouring skills. They too don’t always get it right first time and it was obvious the bird was a little hesitant before each flight but it didn’t give up. With persistence things improved and it got to where it wanted to go.

As humans we have to do the same. It can be intimidating to watch someone else who has lots of experience because they make it look so effortless and easy and we know we won’t be able to replicate that. For some that’s enough never to try. Just imagine if you had wings but were too scared to fly, what a waste that would be. Think of everything that you’d be missing out on.

Unfortunately many of us choose not to fly. Every single one of us is truly unique with our very special gifts and talents which are ours to use to succeed. I personally believe we all have a purpose here on Earth too. Just think about trading, before coins came along we’d trade skills and produce with one another. One person might make clothes and trade items in exchange for things that would benefit them such as eggs. Coins were introduced for when one person wanted something off you but you didn’t necessarily want what they had to offer. What are your unique offerings to the world? And if you‘re not currently sharing them, why not? What’s holding you back?

Someone told me something recently which really struck a chord; that is that our creator is not interviewing or auditioning anyone else for the role of ‘you’ meaning that only you can be you and it’s your job simply to be you! For me this took a lot of pressure off that I’d been putting myself under and brought me comfort.

Going back to the fledgling, although it’s parent wasn’t too far away it was effectively on its own. It had to follow and trust it’s instincts. It had to psyche itself up to take that leap of faith and we must do this too. Yes others can surround, support and encourage us but at the end of the day it’s us that has to take those steps to take us in the direction of where we want to go otherwise we’ll end up going nowhere.

I’ve often heard that the number one regret of the dying is not what they have done but instead what they haven’t done. Sadly many people limit their possibilities with their thinking and beliefs but the great news is that your thoughts and beliefs are yours to change and you can change them right now. Refuse to have your wings clipped anymore and choose to soar instead.

If your reality differs to that of the life of your dreams the chances are you’ve some limiting beliefs. But don’t be too hard on yourself because you were heavily influenced by those around you from an early age and thankfully it’s not too late to change things.

I can help set you free. I will work with you and give you the tools you need to reach for the stars. Phenomenal results can be achieved after just one Rapid Transformational Therapy session so you could be reaching your destination much faster than if you choose to fly with our competitors!

Have a fabulous day 💗

Dawn Divine - Intervention For Liberation.

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner based in the UK specialising in helping women who feel inadequate for whatever reason and those with hoarding tendencies.

To arrange a complimentary discovery call to discuss your challenge area please do get in touch via 07904120476 (11am - 7pm GMT) or

I’d be delighted to hear from you 💗

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