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Wishing you could predict your future?

Wishing You Could Predict Your Future?

Let me let you into a secret….. you don’t need a crystal ball or a fairy Godmother with a magic wand because you already have super powers of your own!

You may think that your habit of saying affirmations has fallen by the wayside like so many of your other previous good intentions however that doesn’t mean that what you’re unwittingly thinking and saying aren’t affirmations.

You’re mind is like a genie in a bottle, it acknowledges everything you think and say.

It also has no filters so doesn’t care if they’re positive, beneficial, negative, limiting or detrimental etc.

How many times have you affirmed that:-

💬 “I’m unlucky in love”

💬 “I could never do that!”

💬 “I never have enough time / money”

💬 “I’m such a failure”

💬 “I never get what I want”

It also hasn’t got a sense of humour or an understanding of sarcasm so be careful when affirming the following:-

💬 “I’d rather die then go through that again!”

💬 “I’m such an idiot!”

💬 “This is killing me!”

When you think the same thought repeatedly it becomes a belief and your beliefs shape your reality. Those beliefs can act like blinkers as you look out into the world.

We love to prove ourselves right so will look for evidence to back up our beliefs, often dismissing everything else in the process.

You may think that you don’t have any subconscious blocks so here’s a little way to tell if they’re lurking in the background.

Take a moment to look around you.

Does your reality match how your dream life and lifestyle would be?

If the answer is no then there’s a very strong chance that you’ve some limiting beliefs.

You have the power to control your thoughts and use them to create your own magic. Everything is created twice, first as a thought and then as a thing, event or experience. So if you want something better, choose better thoughts!

Rapid Transformational Therapy can enable you to pin point the exact beliefs that are hindering you, update them and allow you to get the results you want quickly eliminating the need for ongoing sessions.

Coaching sessions are also available to teach you how to use your mind to your advantage.

Have a wonderful day 💗

Dawn Divine - Intervention For Liberation.

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner based in the UK specialising in helping women who feel inadequate for whatever reason and those with hoarding tendencies.

To arrange a complimentary discovery call to discuss your challenge area please do get in touch via 07904120476 (11am - 7pm GMT) or

I’d be delighted to hear from you 💗

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