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  • What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?
    Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a multi award winning therapy modality that was pioneered by the UK’s number one and internationally renowned Marisa Peer. It combines the most effective aspects of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming to help clients achieve phenomenal transformations quickly and with lasting results. Marisa also devised a list of 'Rules Of The Mind' and these are woven into both the therapy and transformation. They are also the main focus for the coaching session that follows the therapy session.
  • Which issues can be transformed?
    My areas of passion and expertise are working with those who feel inadequate for whatever reason and those with hoarding tendencies. The following is a list of issues that I would be delighted to help you transform - Achieving Goals Anger Anxiety Career Childhood Issues: Unresolved from your past Compulsive Behavior Confidence Depression Emotional Blocks Exams Fears Feeling not lovable or inadequate Feelings of not being safe in the world Guilt Health Issues Hoarding Tendancies Hyper-vigilance Lack of Connection Memory, Focus, Concentration Enhancement Migraines Money Blocks / Issues Motivation Panic Attacks Phobias Procrastination Public Speaking Relationships Rest and Relaxation Self Belief Self-Esteem Self Sabotage Skin Problems Sleep Problems Smoking Stress Success Blocks Trauma: Unresolved from your past Unwanted Behaviours If you do not see your challenge area listed above please do give me a call so we can discuss it. RTT®️ can help with so many things and should I not able to help you then I can point you in the direction of another practitioner who may specialise in that area.
  • How do I know if I have limiting beliefs?
    If you are already living the life of your dreams then that’s a sure sign you don’t need my help. However if you’re plagued by doubts, fears, anxiety, unwanted behaviours etc and feeling fed up with things the way they are despite your best efforts to try and improve things then Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you! We spend the first seven years of our life in an hypnotic state. Our mind is like a sponge taking in everything that surrounds us without any filters. It simply lets everything in regardess as to whether it's for our greatest good or not. This then forms the basic programming for our subconscious mind. We don't develop logical thinking / reasoning until we reach seven years old. So the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that may have served you when you were very young may now be very out of date and are probably hindering and limiting you. We are heavily influenced by those that surround us especially when we are young and impressionable. It's often not the experience that causes trauma, moreso the interpretation and meaning associated with it and that's what Rapid Transformational Therapy is brilliant at transformimg. Think about how frequently you update the software and operating system on your computer or smart phone. When was the last time you upgraded your own programming? Just think how much things have changed in the world in your life time. A thought that is repeated becomes embedded as a belief. Our thoughts and beliefs influence our emotions. Our emotions impact both our behaviours and reality. If you want a better life, change your thinking. Your mind consists of both conscious and subconsious parts. Much like an iceberg, the conscious mind is like the tip and what's hidden, the largest part, is the subconcious. The subconscious mind has a lot of power and influence. There's a very high probability that there's some information locked away in there which once revealed can set you free to go on to achieve great things and be the best possible version of yourself. Many clients experience epiphanies whilst in hypnosis. Awareness is power and awareness whilst in hypnosis is the most phenomenal power!
  • How effective is RTT?
    Rapid Transformational Therapy is accredited by: The International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT) The International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT) The International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) The Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) and has also been aknowledged by the Royal School of Medicine in New York and London. It has won multiple Stevie awards and continues to gain international recognition. For more information click here. This therapy and it's teachings has had a profound impact on my life which is why I am now so passionate about helping others to transform their lives too. Hypnosis is utlised to trace back the root cause of a client's issue. Various RTT tools are then used to transform what is revealed. The power of the client's own mind is used to create lasting results. Unfortunately medication is often dispensed which often helps ease the symptoms but fails to address the root cause. Traditional therapy definitely has it's benefits however much emphasis is placed on the events of the past and rehashing it week after week and usually resuts in an incressed awareness as to why things are the way they are but little in the way of lasting change. Advice is then offered on how best to live with the symptoms and current reality. Because Rapid Transformational Therapy utilises hypnosis to access the subconsious mind rather than just the conscious mind as with other therapies the beliefs and programming that are no longer serving you can either be updated or emilmated and replaced with new and postive ones that will enable you to achieve the success you want. You can have wonderful hopes and dreams teamed with willpower but if there's programming in your subconscious mind that percieves you achieving that desire as a threat to your safety or it believes it will cause you either physical, mental or emotional pain it will do everything within it's power to either stall or prevent you from doing certain things that would enable you to achieve your goal. Your mind is incredibly powerful and it never ceases to amaze me at the genius solutions people's minds generate in order to protect them. What my own mind revealed to me whilst I was in hypnosis during RTT sessions was absolutely fascinating and led to multiple epiphanies despite years of receiving psychotherapy. Understanding is power and understandig whilst in hypnosis is the most pheonomenal power. This understanding will set you free and combined with the bespoke hypnotic transformation recording which fully embeds the new positive suggestions and programming will enable you to go on and achive the success you desire. It truly is amazing!
  • How long is one session?
    After an initial discovery call with you to discuss how RTT®️ can help you we’ll arrange to have a consultation via a video call where the emphasis will be on how you’d like your life to be rather than what happened in the past. We’ll then arrange to have the therapy session, again via a video call which could last up to two and a half hours depending on the complexity of the issue and what is revealed. During the therapy session a bespoke hypnotic transformation will be recorded and it is essential that you listen to this at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days to experience lasting results. Most packages include an hour long RTT coaching session. This will take place approximately two weeks following the therapy session. This is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss how things are progressing and talk about how you can harness the power of your mind so you can use it to your advantage. This can be conducted with a video or telephone call whichever is more convenient for yourself.
  • What can I expect during the session?
    During our consultation I will gather some basic information about you including your emergency contact details. I will then ask you some questions to gain a greater understanding as to what prompted you to seek help and about significant events in your past. The main focus however will be on how you would like your life to be, the outcome you desire. For the therapy session, you’ll need to find somewhere both comfortable and private. I’ll guide you into a deeply relaxed state which will then deepen to a hypnotic state. I will directly address your subconscious mind to trace back to the exact points in your past when your issue manifested. Various ‘tools’ are available for me to utilise to address and transform what is revealed. Everything is rounded off with a bespoke hypnotic transformation to embed the new positive thought patterns and beliefs so when you return to full awareness you’ll have gained a greater understanding as to what was causing your issue and feel liberated and empowered. You’ll receive a copy of your hypnotic audio for you to listen to at least once a day following the session for a minimum of 21 days to gain the full benefit and lasting results. Approximately two weeks following the therapy session we’ll chat for an hour to discuss how things are progressing. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about how to harness the power of your mind and use it to your advantage or discuss and address anything that may have arisen since the therapy session.
  • What happens if I recall very distressing memories?
    Interestingly, many people are reminded of seemingly ordinary day to day events. It’s the interpretation and meaning associated with them that can cause problems and that’s what makes Rapid Transformational Therapy so effective because we address these and reframe them. Should a distressing memory be brought back to your awareness you can rest assured that at some level you’ve made a decision to recall it so it can be transformed. It’s important to remember that what happened was in the past and you’ll be reviewing it as opposed to re-living it. I will remind you that you are safe, it’s just a memory and guide you through, holding space for you and honouring you while you honour your emotions. Everything is energy and emotions are energy in motion. If strong emotions bubble up this will be a safe time and place to acknowledge and feel them so they can be processed. Unfortunately many of us learnt that certain emotions are best suppressed rather than expressed and this causes problems. There is the possibility that your mind will continue to reveal relevant information around what is revealed during the therapy session in an attempt to help you continue gaining awareness and understanding. Please do be compassionate towards yourself, take some time for yourself and remember to reach out to me for support. What I absolutely love about RTT is that the majority of clients feel liberated and empowered teamed with a deep inner knowing that things will be better following a therapy session.
  • Will you make me do what I don’t want to do?
    When you enter into hypnosis you have a heightened sense of awareness. It is a misunderstanding that you go to sleep, you do however feel deeply relaxed. We enter the hypnotic state on a regular basis however you may not be aware of it. Most people can recall a time when they've done something on autopilot. A common time for this to happen is when you're doing something you've done many times before so don't need to consciously think about it, rather you just do it. Driving a familiar route is the perfect example, you arrive home having no conscious recollection of either driving or navigating. Your subconscious mind has taken over. You also enter a hypnotic state as you transition from being awake to sleeping. We also spend the first seven years of our life in hypnosis. After the age of seven the part of the brain that enables us to have logical thinking develops. So as an adult you can't be made to do things you don't want to do or that would go against your morals or ethics. If it were true, every hypnotist would be a multi-millionaire, they'd simply tell you to leave a disproportionately large tip after every session! That would also go against our code of conduct. The people that volunteer to go up on stage at shows can usually guess they'll be involved in some kind of tomfoolery to make the audience laugh and are happy to go along with it. Your desire is your Soul yearning for what is meant for you. You were born worthy, deserving and deeply lovable. Unfortunately at some point along your journey through life you stopped believing this. Rapid Transformational Therapy reinstates these beliefs and removes the blocks which have prevented you from obtaining and achieving your heart's desire.
  • What can I expect to happen after the session?
    Everyone responds differently, your response will be as unique as you. If you’ve previously had counselling or therapy to address the issue then that can influence things. If it’s your first time recalling and talking about it then your emotions could potentially be quite strong while your mind processes the information being called back to your awareness. Your mind may continue to reveal additional information relevant to what was discussed during the therapy session and I will be on hand to continue to support you. Please be compassionate towards yourself and honour what your mind and body needs. People change in three different ways. Some people will notice differences and changes straight away and that’s always what is hoped for. However some change over a period of time. Then there are those who may not notice anything has changed until one day they’re doing the thing that used to be an issue for them and it’s second nature to them. Other people that know you well may notice the changes before you do and comment on it thus bringing it to your awareness. At the end of the therapy session your hypnotic transformation will be recorded and emailed to you. This must be listened to at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days to fully embed the new positive suggestions that’ll bring about lasting results. The latest research reveals that it takes between 66 and 100 days to form and embed a new habit so the longer you can listen to your recording the better the results will be. Please note that while I can eliminate your limiting beliefs and install new empowering ones, you’ll be responsible for taking inspired action to achieve the desired reality. Email support is available for 28 days following the therapy session for support, additional advice and guidance. *Please note not all packages include this service. Most packages come with at least one coaching session.
  • What will I need to have a therapy session?
    My services are conducted via video conferencing platforms. My preferred platform is Microsoft's Teams. You will not require an account for this to be scheduled or go ahead. I will email you a link to invite you to join our meeting as a guest. Other platforms are a possibility and can be discussed during our discovery call. A strong internet signal will be required along with enough power in your device for the duration of the session which could be up to two and a half hours. You’ll need to locate yourself somewhere where you feel safe and relaxed. Ideally you’ll be somewhere private where you won’t be overheard or interrupted. I will need you to have your camera on whilst we work together. I will ask you some basic questions about yourself to help me conduct my services and safeguard you. I will need to gather some background information about your past however the emphasis will be on how you’d like your life to be moving forwards. If you are receiving medical treatment or care from other health care providers or services then it’s best to seek their guidance before agreeing to engage with my services. In some circumstances I may require written confirmation from them that they consent for me to conduct my services. I will communicate with you via email in between sessions. Please let me know if you’d prefer an alternative. I will email your bespoke recording to you and you’ll need a device to listen to this on. Headphones might be beneficial if others are around you and you don’t want them to hear. Playing the hypnotic recording whilst you sleep is also very effective. I will send you information on how to set yourself up to get the best from our time together ahead of the session.
  • What will be expected of me?
    Honour the desire that’s inside of you calling you to take action to bring about change. Our work together is very much a collaboration, we’ll work together to achieve great results and commitment is required from both parties. You’ll have a heightened sense of awareness whilst in hypnosis so will be able to engage with me. It’s vitally important that you listen to the hypnotic recording at least once a day for a minimum of 21 days following the therapy session. This is to ensure lasting results. The latest research reveals that it takes between 66 and 100 days to fully form and embed a habit so the longer you can listen to your hypnotic audio the better. e minimum. I also ask that you are courteous, respectful and attend all booked appointments in a timely manner. Prior to any payment and us working together you will be sent a Client Agreement to sign which will contain further details surrounding this. Following the therapy it will be up to you to take the necessary actions to achieve the success you desire. Imagine if Michealangelo had never picked up his tools ie his paintbrushes and chisels, we would never have seen his masterpieces. You are capable of achieving great things too and are worthy and deserving of the very best in life. It's time to claim what is rightfully yours and together we can make it happen.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Rapid Transformational Therapy is incredible because it’s so super effective at enabling clients to get the results they desire quickly unlike many other therapies where you have to return week after week before results are noticed. Some issues are more complex than others and may require additional sessions. I’ll be sure to discuss this with you during your complimentary discovery call to ensure you are matched with the perfect package for you which is why I don’t have a session booking or payment page on my website. The majority of issues can be transformed in 1 - 3 sessions. Each session includes a consultation, a therapy session and a bespoke hypnotic audio. All but the basic packages also include an hour long coaching / follow-up video call and email support to help enable you to get the best possible results.
  • Can I buy a session for a loved one who needs it?
    While it’s a lovely idea to purchase a session for someone you may believe may benefit from a session it’s important that the person in question is fully invested mentally and wants to take action to initiate change as otherwise the therapy may not be as effective. It is a possibility that you could benefit from a session to help you live in harmony with the person who hasn’t yet reached the point where they’re ready to accept help or has circumstances or issues that you find challenging to tolerate.
  • I’m not based in the UK, can you still help me?"
    I am based in the United Kingdom and conduct my services over Zoom. Different time zones can be catered for so long as the full session can be completed within my business hours here in the UK. It is worth mentioning that ideally you would be best suited to finding a therapist who is fluent in your native language as there is the possibility that you may revert back to your native tongue whist in hypnosis. I would be more than happy to help you locate your ideal RTT practitioner should I not be able to meet your needs. Due to insurance restrictions I am unable to work with those who are based outside of the United Kingdom or Europe.
  • Is RTT®️ suitable for everyone?
    RTT®️ is not suitable for those with a diagnosis of epilepsy, psychosis, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder. RTT has been proven to be very effective at helping those with severe post traumatic stress disorder however this falls outside of my scope of practice at this stage. I would be delighted to assist you locating another RTT practitioner / therapist who specialises with this issue. It’s worth mentioning that those with severe depression or anxiety may be on medication that numbs their emotions which can slow things up so multiple sessions are required. Transformations are still possible. It is important to note that I am not medically trained. Please refer to my disclaimer at the bottom of this page. If you feel you have reached crisis point and are considering harming yourself in some way please call your healthcare provider or emergency services without delay. I am currently not trained to work with those under 18 years of age.
  • Payment and refunds.
    Due to the nature of my services full payment must be received before any services can be carried out. Card payments can be taken over the telephone or via a secure link on the internet. Prior to any services being carried out you will be required to read through and sign a Client Agreement which outlines my cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies. These are in place to hold you accountable for your commitment to the therapy and safeguard both myself and my time. As with all therapies I am not able to guarantee results. Please read the disclaimer on the footer of this page.
  • Why should I pay to see a private therapist?
    While I do not dispute that there are some incredible staff who work for the NHS and that they do indeed help people, for me personally Rapid Transformational Therapy has had the biggest impact on the quality of my life and wellbeing. I saw a counsellor for a period of time following the disclosure of the abuse I experienced as a child and it was helpful to a certain extent to have the opportunity to discuss what had happened and what I was going through in the months that followed with someone who was trained to listen to upsetting things as I was aware it wasn't something I could discuss with friends and family because I didn't want to burden them. However they weren't able to provide me with explanations so I struggled to make sense of things. I was too distressed to sit and read self help books which may have provided me with the answers I sought. I had to wait months in order to see a psychotherapist. This certainly did have it's benefits and he was able to explain to me in simple terms as to what was happening inside my mind and causing me for feel and act in certain ways. I had to return week after week for months. Each time having to discuss the very traumatic events of my past. At the end of each session I would walk the longer route home so as to avoid seeing anyone I knew because I felt so vulnerable and emotionally fragile. I struggled to cope with life between sessions. After a week I'd have another session and so the cycle continued for months and months. All the while being on the strongest dosage of anti-depressants they could dispense. I was fortunate to be offered EMDR therapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy was still being developed by Marisa Peer at that time). This involved me vividly recalling very traumatic memories in great detail which was extremely distressing. Again this had to be repeated week after week and left be feeling completely emotionally, mentally and physically depleated both after and in-between sessions. This therapy did make the flashbacks cease and reduce how frequently I would be triggered by thoughts and various senses which enabled me to start volunteering for a local wellbeing charity so I could help support others going through similar things whilst I regained my confidence and strength. There was a stigma back then about poor mental health which made me feel like a failure, a secondclass citizen and unlovable which only incresed the pain I was already going through. Thankfully things have improved over the years but there's still a little way to go before accepting help for mental health is not deemed a weakness, instead a courageous act of self love. I was working full time prior to disclosing about the abuse however after disclosing my world fell apart like a house of cards. I felt great shame about having to claim benefits. I felt as though society was judging me. I had a panic attack an hour before I was due to have my benefits claim reviewed. When you have a physical issue like a broken bone people can see what's wrong and your capabilities measured. However when it's mental and emotional agony that becomes much harder to assess and I felt like I was being accused of lying just to get out of returning to work. There were days when I felt a little brighter towards the end of my therapy however I was paranoid that people would see me out and about doing normal things and assume all was well again and that I should go back to work. I used to cringe when people would ask me 'So are you back at work yet?' as I felt shame about saying no to that too. Having severe depression was truly awful and incredibly debilitating. I came frighteningly close to taking my own life a few times again this was despite me having help and being on medication. A few years went by and I was managing to get by. Things improved for a while but then as soon as something upsetting happened or the stress I was under increased I spiralled into decline again. History just seemed to keep repeating itself. I became increasingly aware that I was simply existing in life, doing what I had to in order to get by as opposed to enjoying life and making plans for the future. I do appreciate that wothout the aid of traditional therapy I probably wouldn't be here today but my goodness it was a very challenging period of my life that lasted over ten years. Then one day I saw Marisa Peer talking about the therapy modality that she'd founded and I literally cried and knew instantly I had to learn how to deliver this myself. She spoke about how amazing results could be achieved in just a few sessions and that it eliminated the need to rehash traumatic events of the past. Knowing how distressing I found my own own recovery journey and how long it took I instantly wanted to spare other people this agony and enable them to enjoy living life again as opposed to just existing. As part of my training I received some RTT sessions and they were nothing short of miraculous! I experienced epiphanies and suddenly so many things made sense. As soon as the sessions ended I felt liberated and empowered. The difference they have made to my wellbeing and life has been phenomenal! It became apparent that I'd spent the majority of my life stuck in the fear response and accepted this as normal as I had no recollection of a time when that wasn't my reality. It feels truly blissful ow to have peace of mind, be able to relax and be fully present in the moment as well as feeling optimism about the future which is remarkable considering I spent almost 40 years thinking it was an achievement to simply have made it through yet another day on this planet. I had to wait a considerable amount of time before I was able to receive the different tiers of support via the NHS at a time when I was incredibly vunerable and fragile. Trying to find a medication that suited me was another challenge. Some made the world around me spin, others made me feel worse and another plateaued my emotions so everyday felt like a flat line with no variation. Unfortunately the pandemic has had a devastating affect on people's mental health and more people than ever need help. I spoke to the receptionist at the NHS mental health department near me and she said prior to the pandemic people were having to wait an average of three years to see someone in person as opposed to a telephone support line so you can imagine how long the waiting list is now! When you need help, you need it as soon as possible. I am able to offer sessions far quicker than that as I only need to see clients a few times because RTT is so super effective and efficient which is why I love it so much. It thrills and delights me to witness the transformations my clients experince whilst working with me. I just wish it had of been available to me when I was in crisis. For me the results are priceless. So the choice is yours.
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