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Dawn Divine - Intervention For Liberation - Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Hi, I'm Dawn.
Let me tell you why I'm super passionate about Rapid Transformational Therapy®

Dawn Divine - Intervention For Liberation - Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

For years I believed that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.

I had hopes and dreams like everyone else however despite my best efforts they never materialised

and I came to believe that what I wanted wasn’t possible for me which triggered a grieving process.


Following some unfortunate events in my life, complex post traumatic stress and depression plagued me.

Despite having received traditional therapy for a considerable amount of time

I still felt as though I was simply existing and not really enjoying life.

It was as though I’d been taught to come to terms with what happened in the past

and given advice on how to accept things as they were and live with the symptoms.

I couldn’t get excited about the future because I was led to believe the reality I had achieved at that point

was the best it was ever going to be and that was far from fabulous! 


I often felt frustrated, confused and sad as I compared myself to others and wondered where I was going wrong.

I tried lots of different things in the hope things would get better

however history just kept repeating itself despite my best efforts and willpower.

Then one day the penny dropped, I was the common denominator in all these situations and experiences

and that’s when I started to learn about how your beliefs and energies can shape and influence your reality. 


Then one amazing day I discovered Marisa Peer who pioneered Rapid Transformational Therapy®.

She is considered the UK’s number one therapist, is internationally renowned

and the therapy has won multiple awards for achieving great results.

I went on to complete her training program to learn how to conduct this therapy myself.

Since then I have experienced phenomenal and exponential change in my own life.

Marisa taught me the secrets of how our minds work and how we can program them to use to our advantage.


Throughout my training I had many revelations as to why things were the way they were in my life

and how I could improve them. When the opportunity came for me to experience the therapy

that’s when even more amazing things happened.

The secrets of my subconscious mind were revealed and it was truly fascinating

and brought about a new level of awareness and understanding.

And because the root cause of my issue was both identified and transformed within one session,

as soon as the session ended I felt incredible and liberated.

I received a handful of sessions for different issues which resulted in me having a deep compassion for myself, feeling peaceful, safe and a deep knowing that great things were both possible and available to me.

It has gifted me the confidence and courage to make my own dreams my reality.


Such was the transformation that I found myself crying tears of joy

and wanting to go out and enjoy life to make up for lost time.

The dark storm clouds that seemed to follow me everywhere had disappeared,

replaced by bright sunshine.


Because I know first hand the incredible results that can be achieved with Rapid Transformational Therapy®

I am now super excited and proud to be able to help others liberate themselves from what was holding them back

so that they too can feel amazing and go on to achieve their dreams.

Your mind is incredibly powerful and for me, for me learning RTT ® was like being given

the missing owner’s manual which teaches us how to harness it’s power and use it to our advantage

as opposed to leaving it to it’s own devises. 

Prior to qualifying as a Rapid Transformational Therapy® Practitioner I worked as a support worker 

for adults with  mental health difficulties, learning and physical challenges and autism for over a decade.

I also hold certification as a Master Life Coach. My journey to this point in my life and my work experience

ensures that I can relate and empathise with others who are struggling, perhaps close to giving up but haven't completely given up hope that there might be more to life and are on a quest to improve their situation.

Change is possible and I'd be delighted to be your guide

on your journey of liberation, transformation and success!


You can read more about my journey on the Frequently Asked Questions page (last question).

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