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Do You Question Your Own Worth & Value?

Think for a moment about someone who really inspires you or you believe has been really successful in life.

What difference or impact has that person had on your own life or for society?

Imagine if you will if that person had never followed through with sharing their gifts and talents with you or the world. What if their fears and doubts had caused them to deny us their unique creations and offerings. How sad would that be?

We all have fears and doubts however it’s how we respond to them which is really significant.

Do you give up all to easily at the first hurdle? Come back stronger with increased determination or seek validation and approval from others?

The story of JK. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books always inspires me. Her manuscripts were turned down by no fewer than 12 publishers before someone decided to give her a chance. Despite having financial stresses, a recent bereavement, a young child to look after, a relationship breakdown and depression she kept going. The rejections fuelled her determination to succeed and boy did she succeed! Her creativity and skills have brought great joy to so many and I’m sure I’m not the only person she inspired.

What if the late, great Michelangelo had never picked up a paint brush or hammer and chisel?

The truth is that the majority of people have to discover and hone their gifts and talents. Over night success stories are rare, there’s often been time and effort dedicated to achieving success. Not all of Michelangelo’s artworks would have been considered masterpieces. Even the multi award winning actor Tom Hanks featured in a few movies that were considered box office flops after he starred in the film ‘Splash’. The majority of actors have to attend auditions so face rejection on a regular basis.

Learning to feed ourselves and walking are great achievements that many of us haven’t thought about in a while. They are not skills we are born with and there’s lots of trial and error before we master them. Aren’t you pleased now that you didn’t give up after a few failed attempts?

I smiled when I heard recently that there’s a growing trend for mature adults to either start or get back into skateboarding. Apparently the appeal is linked to the fact that having multiple failed attempts it expected and appreciated as part and parcel to mastery and acclaim. With other hobbies it can be quite intimidating to be the newbie and we can feel embarrassment and even shame about not getting things right in the early stages. So much so that some people might not continue.

Our childhood experiences can influence the rest of our lives in many ways and depending on the meaning you gave to them can determine how you respond to things later in life. For example you may have had a parent who belittled you or failed to praise you for your achievements so you lost confidence, began to doubt yourself and beliefs about your worth and adequacy were formed. This might have led you to try harder to gain recognition or their approval or the other way - a belief about there being no point trying. These memories are stored away for future reference and when something happens later on in life our mind naturally recalls them as reference points for help in deciding how to respond in the current situation.

Fear can cause us to respond in many different ways, unfortunately it often acts like a handbrake on our lives and dreams. We may fear what other people will think or say, what it’ll mean about ourselves if things don’t go as we hoped or that we’ll be rejected by others. We may also fear that other people’s expectations of us will increase meaning we’ll have to continually perform at that level, that we’ll be so in demand that we’ll have to sacrifice certain aspects of our lives or that other people will discover it was just a fluke and that we’ve not really got any lasting talent. These beliefs can cause us continue to play it small, hide away in the shadows, believe that it was never destined to happen to us and ultimately give up on our dreams.

All of your life experiences, wisdom, gifts and talents are of great value and are yours to share with the world. You are truly unique and I believe you are here for a reason.

So my questions for you are:

  • What treasure do you have hidden away inside of you?

  • What’s preventing you from sharing your unique offerings with the world?

  • And what would life be like if you were free from fears?

  • What would you do or be doing differently?

They say that the number one regret of the dying is not what they have done, rather what they haven’t done. I urge you to be brave and courageous so you can conquer your fears so you can lead a fulfilled life and others can benefit from your awesomeness.

However if you’re still feeling the fear and haven’t been able to ‘do it any way’ as the book and advice suggests then Rapid Transformational Therapy®️ is going to be what can finally, once and for all take the brakes off so you can reach your desired destination and I’d absolutely love to be the one to assist you with this.

Dawn Divine - Intervention For Liberation.

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner based in the UK specialising in helping women who feel inadequate for whatever reason and those with hoarding tendencies.

To arrange a complimentary discovery call to discuss your challenge area please do get in touch via 07904120476 (11am - 7pm GMT) or

I’d be delighted to hear from you 💗


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